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People seem to have all kinds of ways of finding the Q Files.
I have created this page showing you my tried and true ways of finding "Verified Q" posts
Please go to the following links and you will find your way to these files.
I hope this helps.

Update: April 12, 2018

Please see this article on my website about the probability of "Q Anon" since December 2017, being a hack. Take care out there people... Use wisdom. Use an eagle-eye. Use discernment. Q is a great tool - but beware of the hooks! Take what is good and leave the rest. 8chan platform is full of hackers. You could be listening to an 18-year-old who loves the power of steering millions of people in any direction he/she wants you to go. You have been duly cautioned. Much love, BronnyNZ.

Website:  Last probably definitive Q post on November 23-24 2017

The Great Awakening    -  Update: January 20, 2018

"The Great Awakening" is a Q-exclusive board as of  January 8, 2018. That is - only Q is able to post there. See No. 4 and No. 5 on the Great Awakening. Click on "Click to expand" at the top of the page to see these entries.

Interpretations of No. 4 and No. 5

My interpretation and the interpretation of many other people of No. 4 and No. 5 is this: "The Great Awakening board is secure. This is where we, the Q team will continue posting. Please create another board where Anons can continue their interaction - where they can continue discussing the posts that get dropped on the Great Awakening board. We won't be joining you there since our interaction with you on previous boards has resulted in gamers creating impersonations of Q."

Shared boards hacked twice before
This is very important for you to consider - The Q military intelligence team had their "tripcodes" hacked twice before: (1) at the beginning of December 2017 when they were on shared boards on 4chan and (2) at the beginning of January 2018 on shared boards on 8chan. After this Q team created their own exclusive board to convey messages on. That board is the "Great Awakening". 

Q research and Github
It is very surprising to me that "Q" is apparently dropping messages on the mixed board on 8chan called "Q research". Can you see why this is anomalous behaviour? It's counter-intuitive to share a board with Anons. When supposed "Q" posts are made on Q research board, those posts then get archived on Github along with a lot of regular "Anon" posts that are considered by the Github owner to be important. Github archive is
not run by the Q military intelligence team. It is not a primary source. Therefore: I consider neither of these sources - the shared "/qresearch" board nor the Github archive, to be a reliable source of information. They are not. 

Think it through clearly for yourself - "Why would the actual Q team once again be sharing a board?"  It's not logical. The past shows us that on a shared board, Q gets hacked. It's as simple as that. Unless the Q military intelligence team is a glutton for punishment, they won't be sharing a board with Anons. 

Attention:  Correspondence not needed

You don't have to convince me of anything, so no further correspondence with me on the matter will be entered into. You must however,  enter into a dialogue with yourself. It is you who needs to think this issue through. Anyone who is blindly accepting the /qresearch supposed "Q posts" that get transferred to Github has clearly not thought this issue through. 


Really think about the lack of logic behind Q sharing a board - Twice before, Q's tripcode has been hacked on 4chan and 8chan shared boards, and infiltrators began to impersonate Q. Think about it. What is the likelihood of Q team taking their chances on a shared board once again?


This sort of "gaming" and impersonation is called LARPing which stands for "Live Action Role Play".  Are you being LARPed? ie:  Are you being sucked in to playing a game with a Game Master or several of them, who are playing you like a fiddle? If you like being LARPed, if you like being played with by young 18-35 year old males, please continue reading the so-called "Q posts" that get dropped on "/qresearch" and then archived on "Github". 

Free-will sovereign choice

It's not my problem what you decide to read. I am simply sending out a warning about the distinct possibility that you are being LARPed. It's none of my business what you choose to do with my warning.

Poor verifications leading to distancing

After the last attack in early January, the Q team clearly stated that they no longer had any trust in the board creators to absolutely verify all supposed "Q posts" being supplied. The imposters who were "Anons" or "Anonymous"(gamers) were having their day. These Anons who shared the board with actual Q began posting as Q. Nobody except Q knows which posts are the fake ones. Q never addressed the issue as I guess it would have brought into doubt all posts from Q. This is not ideal. There are no solutions to this dilemma. Perception. 

Github color coding

Therefore: all posts including fake posts still remain on the Github archive whose posts are sourced from the mixed-use 4chan and 8chan boards, as well as from the Great Awakening. This obviously creates confusion. Please note the use of color coding on Github in the left side margins of posts to indicate the origination of the material. Pay attention to this. Consider all Q posts on Github to be LARPs that are dated after January 4, 2018 unless there is a red color coding. Only the red-indicated posts are from the Great Awakening - set up on January 8, 2018. Also, most of the Github Q archives that pre-date January 5, 2018 will also be true Q.

Fake Q posts plenteous from January 5, 2018

This means that people are still reading fake Q posts to this day. Apparently, this is unimportant as all very important messages that the Q team wanted to give humanity regarding "The Storm" were given to us from October 29, 2017 up until December 24, 2017. Those dumps are huge. There is enough information in those original dumps to last us right up to 2020. 


If gamers want to keep LARPing people and if people enjoy being LARPed, it will be what it is. "Life reflects art". Pause and think on that. Q has no need to defend, substantiate or deny. Q stands in sovereignty. Q stands outside of the sea of people. Q stands outside of mob rule and the prevailing egregor. It is up to people to decide for themselves, in full personal sovereignty, whether they once again become followers (slave mind), or thinkers. Think. This is your primary weapon in all things. "Mens sana".

For myself and thousands of other people in my Facebook group, we only take notice of the Q posts that appear on the "Great Awakening". Everything else we consider to be a LARP.

Thanks - Admin on QAnon - Great Awakening + related articles Facebook group. 

Feel free to join us.


You will need this to help you decipher the Q posts:

FBI Abbreviations Legend. Decipher "Q Clearance Patriot" more easily


Q Posts on GitHub - This was solid archive up to early January. After that the GitHub owner has been posting a lot of extranaous material, including posts that are very possibly fake. Follow Q on the "Great Awakening" that the Q team set up themselves on January 8, 2018.


Q Posts by date. 

Foreign language speakers:

Please find Translate function at the top right of this blog. 

October 30, 2017  |   November 1, 2017   |   November 2, 2017   |  more entries to be added  |   December 24-26, 2017   |   

The source for these articles is Github.

It's slow going. There is not enough time to do everything that is needed.


Q Files - October 29, 2017. Military Intelligence involvement.

Q Files - October 30, 2017. Antifa & Trump's ASEAN tour.


Q for "normies" Part 1. October 28-29, 2017. "Calm before the storm" #QAnon

Q for "normies" Part 2. October 29-30, 2017. "Calm before the storm" #QAnon


Q Clearance Patriot on 4Chan. Cryptic revelations... Follow the "Glowing Rabbit"

These are two different URLS:
Link relates to  October 31 to November 2, 2017
Link relates to  October 31 to November 5, 2017

These two entries are identical. The second link "998.png" has a little more content for November 2.
"998.png" has additional Q Posts from November 3-5.

I just found an additional board which is not on the above post at all. This seems to be a much more complete archive. It goes from October 29 to November 8, 2017. This version might be the most complete board we have in that case for this timeframe.


#QAnon data drops: October 29 to November 8, 2017. 4Chan archives 


1) #QAnon primary source material: November 10-13, 2017. #4Chan archives


Pdf to download (not my work) - "The Book of Q"  


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