Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Defango: "The Psyops is over". QAnon creator 3301 outed: Thomas Schoenberger

This video is not for 'normies'. Autists welcome. Stick with it. Defango has a stream of consciousness style. By 40:00 you get it - but it's really essential to listen from the start or you don't get the impact of 40:00 - quite emotional in a torn up kind of way. Enjoy... get pissed off... feel bummed... lost... directionless...

Yeah. A total fizzler.

As Defango says, "It could have been something good... But it just ended up being..."  ????  #AntiClimax

Video: The Cicada 3301 Expose | Sophia Music and Thomas Schoenberger
Defango - Published on May 8, 2018

Today is the Day. The long cut of the expose on Cicada 3301. We are going to find out who is behind the puzzles, some of the back story on each of the people and the weird connections that have been delivered to the world. It seems that Thomas St Germain was behind the Cicada 3301 puzzles as early as 2012. He and a team of people created it to find people help him do thing online after enticing them with everything associated with it. I spent 2 months in Texas living with the guy and discovered He was selling it out under everyone's noses.

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